A Spiritual Journey

Markus and Angelica are Mirabai Ceiba and they are the guests of The Journey of The Heart in May 2019. We do not make "concerts.”. We are doing consciousness journeys and this is a magistral journey. You will fall down into your own heart. Mirabai Ceiba make a music of love and Heart, in perfect resonance with the inner transformation experience of the Humanity of this moment. It is a balm for the Soul in times when pain, madness and war, tension and depression seem to rule it all. Faced with these, Markus says, realizing the fragility of life, our only return is to live with exuberance every moment, for that brings us into contact with the immortality and majesty of our Soul.

Markus and Angelika first met at a street fair at Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and quickly fell in love. Markus was pursuing a successful acting career at the time, and Angelika was touring the world as a singer/songwriter. But the newly formed couple decided to share their love with the world through uplifting music steeped in spirituality, tenderness and beauty.

Together, Angelika and Markus have forged engaging new style of world devotional music blending Gurmukhi mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition with original songs in English and Spanish that reflect a Native American influence and also draw words of wisdom from Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Guru Nanak and Yogi Bhajan. Through exquisitely crafted recordings like their CD A hundred Blessings, Mirabai Ceiba weave a beguiling tapestry from these diverse influence and sources. And that’s what the music feels like: a beneficent and abundant gift from the universe. In concert, they inspire all present to chant together in a spirit of compassionate love and Oneness.

Even the name Mirabai Ceiba embodies the influences of both India and Native Latin America. Mirabai (1498-1547) was a Hindu mystical singer. Her songs express the longing of the individual self to be one with the universal self, represented by Krishna. For Angelika and Markus, the name Mirabai is the exploration, the devotion, the inspiration in all the different aspects of divinity.

And the Ceiba is a sacred tree of Latin America which is never cut and grows very tall. We wish our music could be like the Ceiba tree, say Markus and Angelika, with roots deep in Mother Earth and branches extending far and wide into Father Sky.


Mirabai Ceiba LIVE

May 22nd 2019, 20.00

Cinema PRO


Tickets available!

Strada Ion Ghica 3, Bucharest, Old City area

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